How can I tell if my personal injury case is good?  You get hurt and it looks like someone is legally responsible.  You call around to lawyers and they all want you to rush in and sign a retainer, and they tell you they will investigate but it looks like you have a great case.  True or not? Let me give you a few pointers.

A good case for a plaintiff is like a three-legged stool.  If any one of the legs is missing or too weak, your case isn't good at all. First, there has to be a significant injury.  Second, there has to be liability of one or more other parties to be held responsible.  Third, those responsible have to have reachable assets or, more realistically, significant insurance coverage for the injury they caused.  Without all three, attorneys will eventually call you back and tell you, quite correctly, that you don't have a case after all or that the settlement amount is relatively small.  Two out of three just doesn't cut it.   So, don't believe the hype from all the television or internet commercials. The people who got that million dollar settlement had all three things going for them, regardless of how good the attorney claims to be, they just got the client to come to them first. 

Why are all three necessary? Well if you got hurt, but fully recovered, although you suffered somewhat and were inconvenienced, your case has an injury, but it may not be worth much even if you are successful, so a settlement may not  be that much. But before one gets there, there must be clear responsibility that the person who hurt you was clearly and indefensibly negligent or at fault in causing you the harm.  Ideally, 100% responsible, not just partially, since that affects any monetary outcome of your case.  Last, if there's no money from which to collect, even after an expensive trial, your judgment can be framed on your wall, but it won't be worth anything, unless the defendant(s) has a lot of reachable cash, which somehow is never the case.  Regardless of how great two of the three may be, if one of these is not sufficient, you are not going to be coming into a lot of, or any, money.

Why call Marco Caviglia, Esq.?  Well, I don't promise anyone lots of money,  and I won't ask to sign you up unless I determine you have a promising case, because I don't have time to waste on goose chases, and presume you don't want to do that either.   Upon being retained, I make it a point if possible to personally inspect the accident scene or premises, obtain photographs and talk to witnesses, so that I have a personal feel and investment in your case.  I keep my personal injury clients involved and informed, and have them participate as necessary.  I have handled many types of injury, from automobile accidents and construction mishaps,  to defamation to medical and legal malpractice.  I know a good case when I see one, and a losing one as well.   If you want a no-nonsense, experienced attorney who gives your case his personal attention, then call me.  If not, call the guys with the big advertisements with professional actors.

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